Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Response: CMS Classification

What is the consensus out there about whether Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suites are a good choice to answer an organization's Web CMS needs?

I think there is a larger question worth considering - whether or not the industry classifications for the toolsets in question really answer the key question involved with CMSs or ECMs. Back in the day, what these tools are doing might have be referred to as knowledge maangement or collaboration environments or document management solutions. Does the industry classification of today make them any more accessible than yesterday?

What we're really talking about is the management of unstructured data and related process workflows. The important question is not whether the separation of current generation tools (between web, enterprise or not) prepares us for the real challenge ahead, the merger of unstructured data, structured data and analytics. The other apsect to consider is whether storage of unstructured data actually supports knowledge retention, assmiliation and dissemination in an effective manner.

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