Sunday, March 9, 2008

Response to Tony Karrer - PLEs

The question related to whether Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) are in fact different from or unconnected to workplace information: my response -

" thought I ought to weigh in on this. I'm pretty sure that I'm the first one to coin the term 'PLE,' back in 2002 on my group e-learning leaders.

It was / is meant to be an architectural construct. In other words, it would function as a stateless (web-based) platform for combining relevant information within a larger context of learning.

I do not now and have never differentiated the concept of a workspace from a learning space - in fact I believe that the arbitrary splitting of the two is why most of the solutions in IT are not as successful as they could be.

Until we get it clear within both solutions communities that all IT is in a sense a continuing learning platform we will continue to get both the processes and solutions wrong.

I intend to post some views of what a prototypical PLE ought to look like on my site."

As promised, I am going to provide a more from an architectural perspective here. This fits into the larger practice framework that Semantech has launched called Dynamic Learnign Orchestration - the diagram below presents an initial view into the Reference Model:

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